Bathroom Etiquette!

Okay. Suddenly, I’m working with another etiquette topic and may just have to write a small chapbook on etiquette because I see a theme evolving.  I either see it, am willing it, or it’s just there.  Whichever.  “Ya wanna hear it? Well, here it go…”

I am sure that we have all seen some horrors in the bathroom, whether it is of our own creation, or where we are the unwitting eyewitness.  Today, I just saw someone who gave up.  I strolled into my favorite stall (don’t you have one?) and there was the paper seat cover half-tucked under the seat and some clean rolled up toilet paper on top of the seat.  It was as if the person was getting themselves ready for a big ole bubble guts twister and then abandoned ship.  It was just so odd.  I have seen many a thing at work and it has been ooglie.  I was kind of surprised by this scene though.  Thankfully, there were no fluids, skid marks, or other accessories of any kind in the stall.  I wondered what in the world could have happened where a person would have left the stall like this?  Continue reading