Subway Love


To my dear Subway, train of all trains, oh transporter of beings, hear me! Oh Subway, how they curse you, how they deface you, how they gossip about you. Enough! I am here for you and I laud you! You are amazing and take me where I need to go. You take me east, west, north and south. Sometimes my carriage arrives the minute I hit the platform. I can transfer from one train to the next in an instant, and then…you grace me with me a seat as well. Sometimes I do not understand why you shut doors in my face, but I see now that there was going to be a sick passenger, a stinky car, or someone I didn’t want to run into on that train. You have my interests at heart and I appreciate you. So, give it up for Subway and for those of you who know not what you have…walk, drive or take the bus.

Okay, so that’s how I feel on a great day. You know the ones, right? For some reason you have been held up and leave about 15 mins late. You have more than one train to take and by the grace of Subway your train runs express for some reason or you transfer to another train and it’s there. You make it with a minute to spare. Some of you take that for granted or wish the commute had gone even smoother, so you could have stopped at Starbucks. Seriously people – that’s just too much. We’ve seen how screwed we’d be without Subway during blackouts and such. Can we not give Subway some love. Maybe the focus should be turned to the inhabitants of our wonderful purveyor? Just maybe… ♥