Chivalry is Dead

I know that as a woman I should want to be considered equal to a man or have the same value as a man. In the end, I guess it all comes down to presentation and the ordering of your words. I am a valuable person, have value; have attributes, opinions, and knowledge to offer to people, society, and the world (mwah ahh ahh). I am serious though. I want to be viewed as a valuable individual and I want the person next to me to be treated the same regardless of race, class, ethnicity, age, etc. But! But, we know how our society loves distinction, divisions, and rankings. How else could one let others know, not only I am better than you, but I am by this much. I hope to see a day when we are what we bring to the table and not what people think we should be based on stereotypes and prejudice, but that’s just me.

Okay, okay, what does all that have to do with subways, etiquette, and chivalry you say? First of all, see (disclaimers section), because I’m long-winded and I digress/segue a lot. Anywho, I am a lady- most of the time (I’m talking figuratively- not literally…because I’m a real girl. Pinocchio I feel your pain). I do enjoy being treated as a lady. I think that I can be a lady and accept gestures and whatnot and still maintain equal individual status- make sense? Gents be good to me and proper, but do not think that you are smarter or better because you have twigs and berries, m’kay? Danke.  Continue reading

Bathroom Etiquette!

Okay. Suddenly, I’m working with another etiquette topic and may just have to write a small chapbook on etiquette because I see a theme evolving.  I either see it, am willing it, or it’s just there.  Whichever.  “Ya wanna hear it? Well, here it go…”

I am sure that we have all seen some horrors in the bathroom, whether it is of our own creation, or where we are the unwitting eyewitness.  Today, I just saw someone who gave up.  I strolled into my favorite stall (don’t you have one?) and there was the paper seat cover half-tucked under the seat and some clean rolled up toilet paper on top of the seat.  It was as if the person was getting themselves ready for a big ole bubble guts twister and then abandoned ship.  It was just so odd.  I have seen many a thing at work and it has been ooglie.  I was kind of surprised by this scene though.  Thankfully, there were no fluids, skid marks, or other accessories of any kind in the stall.  I wondered what in the world could have happened where a person would have left the stall like this?  Continue reading