Subway Etiquette

I wonder if etiquette in general is dead? I’m not talking about cotillion-esque, pressed napkins, 4 forks-3 knives-10 spoons @ a setting kind of etiquette. I speak of consideration of others, manners, and generally respecting others space, rights, and everything in-between.

Again, I do believe that almost everything I discuss I have violated, at one time or another, or periodically. Living in NYC keeps you cutthroat regarding transportation, being on lines, and protecting yourself from etiquette violators. I think there is a time and a place to be gangster and to throw them bows when you are commuting. So, I will plan to explore some things that I think about and discuss with people about subway etiquette. Please feel free to dive in, rant and rave. ♥

Possible upcoming topics:

*hands on the pole (hogging, blocking, rock/paper/scissors)

*giving up seats for those that are

*seats: fitting into spaces u have no right in, making room when there is none, musical chairs

*loud music, convos, and singing.

*eating & drinking (circus act)

*strategery (haha), profiling (race/class) for seats, jockeying for position.

*stances for balance, gross (bags/kids on floors, etc)
*close & just too close

*friction (commute cuddling, canoodling, connections & more) (pda…?)

One comment on “Subway Etiquette

  1. craig says:

    Here are some helpful tips I came across…they left out eating and drinking but it’s a pretty comprehensive list

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