Why? Some of those WTH moments…

Indulge me a moment and pretend that I am that inquisitive two-year old.  

Actually, scratch that. There are just days that you have to ask that rhetorical why about anything that is irking the mess out of you. You ask because it is just beyond you and unfathomable that situations, actions and happenings continue to occur.

My why rant of the day centers around my dear frenemy, The Subway.

Just a few “Whys” I tapped out on my blackberry while commuting: 

-Why do some people sit right next to a crazy person? There’s a reason the whole train is full and those few spots are empty.

-Why do some people sit down next to the crazy, give them the, “I know you are crazy, but you better behave look?” That does not work. I know you must be tired to do so, but you deserve all the crazy you get.  Truly.

-Why do people fall for some of the worst scams on the train? Maybe schools need to fund basketball teams and that homeless/destitute person must have gotten that kipling bag or shiny new Nikes at a shelter…just maybe. People, let’s get creative, be honest or just cover all your bases.

-Why don’t people hook you up with a signal when there’s a looney toons on the car?

-Why do some of the looney toons become sane when the trains make stops? Just in time for some unwitting rider to sit down. Then the looney bell goes off as the doors close. What timing!

-When there’s space, at least 6 to 8 seats around you, why do people sit next to you as if the train car is full? Argh!!!!

-Why do people kick back and relax, like they are home?

-Why do some people blast their music for your listening displeasure?! You are not a dj, this is not your “hour of power”, and there’s no prize or promotion inbetween jams – so shut it down. Or how about we go back in time to Full House & “cut-it-out!” ♥

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