She’s Just Not That Into You….an office story

Some questions do not need to be answered and sometimes I should just be left to wonder.

There was s a guy at in my office who resembled someone I went to high school with. I saw him in the hallways here and there, but we didn’t really say hello or catch each other’s eye.  A lot of people say hello, nod or acknowledge one another in some fashion where I work.  I don’t know this cat’s name, so we’ll go with Guy.  Guy is mildly cute, maybe a 6, and he seemed to have a fairly friendly demeanor with a hint of cocky.  He typically ran around with a mixed crew of guys and gals around the halls or in our work cafe, which were the only times our paths crossed.

One day, my co-worker buddies and I were walking back from having a nice bench lunch and chat, when we saw Guy.  My two companions knew about my ponderings and I pointed him out.  I then broke away from them and approached him.

Me: Excuse me.  Hi, we work for the same company and I was wondering if you were from New Jersey or went to high school in New Jersey?

Guy: Uh, hi. No. Never went to school in New Jersey, I’m from Long Island (pulls hand up to his mouth to take a drag off his cigarette).

Me: Ohh. I’m from New York, but went to high school in New Jersey and thought that you looked like a guy who went to my school. Sorry to bother. See ya.  Continue reading