Sharing is Caring…

“Sharing is Caring” is a phrase that I quite enjoy and that I implement in my life. It is also a principle that I have benefited from on many occasions. If people had not warmly encouraged me to start a blog, these words would just be bobbing in my head and not laid before you (thanks Jen & SN).

I am of the sharing ilk and at times overshare in other people’s opinion. I am an open book of sorts and the boundaries that contain others on a wide variety of topics don’t hold me back as much. Providing people with info, anecdotes, advice and random thoughts can go farther than one could ever imagine.

For me, this way of operating has led to being in some interesting situations, awkward instances and lovely moments. On a smaller scale, for instance, I compliment people openly, as the thought forms in my head. I just think that if people put effort into their wardrobe, hair, pursuits, careers, family, friends, etc then why not: commend them, verbalize your appreciation or highlight the admirability of their actions (big or small).  At times, this crosses over people’s boundaries.  This modus operandi can take people by surprise, make them uncomfortable or infer a deeper connection than really exists.  For the most part though, I just say what I genuinely feel. I can deal with women and men thinking that I am hitting on them, even though that can make me blush from time to time. I feel bad when I make someone awkwardly uncomfortable, where the conversation cannot be saved, they’re just too flustered and all recovery of normalcy is lost. Lastly, there are a few instances where I’ve encountered someone and was vested in the moment or conversation and when our paths cross  again – they assume that we have some sort of relationship. I guess that’s a hazard that you have to be aware of when you share.

strthrt1There are great rewards to be given and received by sharing your particular brand of kindness, expertise or humor. Haven’t you had a joyous moment when someone has picked up on something you said or were emoting that seemed small, insignificant or commonplace? It’s that moment when another person truly sees you or they are really listening. I have been fortunate enough to have met individuals who wanted to pointedly share insightful advice, comforting words, jokes, warnings and their own stories for my benefit or for sharing’s sake.

On one occasion, a co-worker bought me a book for my birthday which dealt with your journey, focusing on what you want, not getting discouraged and spirituality. She just thought that it seemed like I was searching for something and told me that I deserved good things and she hoped I found it. She cared enough to make a small gesture and I’ll never forget it or her. In turn, I have done the same for some others. (I am all about paying it forward).  It’s not always about material gifts, but tangible ones that don’t have to be held in one’s hand. Remembering things about people’s lives, checking in on their situations, asking the real “How are you doing” question, with the pause for the answer and full eye contact, and not the throwaway one are all ways to accomplish that.

Caring to share or sharing what you care about is actually quite simple, but you do have to extend yourself outside your personal space and for some, that is just too far.  I just love it. I am not even talking about save-the-world do-gooding level of effort or sharing.  Everything doesn’t have to be grand and uber involved and exhausting, just genuine.  I’m referring to a little bit of consideration I suppose. ♥

3 comments on “Sharing is Caring…

  1. Dolly says:

    Wow. is great.

  2. Jean says:

    This is the reason I like Love the posts.

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