And You Are…

I am a loyalist when it comes to the people that I encounter in my life, that enter the circle of trust and that have my respect.  Having earned my respect and garnered my loyalty is akin to having a black sharpie on hand – it’s distinct, smooth and permanent.  I take it very hard when people either test me in such a fashion that they cannot be on my team, that I have fallen from their circle, that they were not who I thought they were or that I never really mattered to them in the way that I thought.  Continue reading

Subway Series

You never know what you are going to get when you get on the subway and begin your commute. Are you going to have a drama-free ride, where you do not have to throw down a gauntlet just to get a seat, or by the grace of goodness will you; avoid conflict, peculiar substances, and having to go toe-to-toe with your dubious neighbor? It’s almost a crapshoot when it comes to what your commute is going to be like. There are moments when it can end up being the most peaceful part of your day. I said moments, instances, something about as frequent as leap years. However, for most of us out there, we start out just trying to get to our destination in a timely fashion, which can be quite a feat.

Thus begins my Subway Series… ♥

Down the Rabbit Hole…

Happy Sunday.

I am on my way down the rabbit hole and am blogging for the first time.  Many people I know blog and it’s not a big deal.  I haven’t ventured down this path before because I wanted to do it “right” and if I was going to do it, well…I wanted to make sure I was all in.  Who knows, it may be a fad and I’ll be in and out, but I am intrigued and I do have things to say.

Welcome to the beginning, my beginning…of something. ♥