Manhattan Monologue 30-Second Slam Champion:

Attended the Manhattan Monologue Slam (MMSlam) and was voted Co-Champion of the 30-second slam at the November show.  It was fun, exciting and a new experience.  Actually, that was my first time there.  I believe that I will be performing a 3-minute monologue at a show, possibly in December or January at Bennet Media Studio.  I’ll keep you posted.♥   Continue reading

Charlotta Janssen’s show – Can’t Live the Commonest Way On Six Bits A Day

To Do: Check out Charlotte Janssen’s work.  Here is a sample from a showing at NYSG Gallery: Can’t Live the Commonest Way On Six Bits A Day.

Left: I Want to Thank Bank of America for my Adjustable Rate Mortgage, (4′ x 6′), Acrylic, Oil, Iron Oxide & Collage

Right: Sue, Farmer’s Daughter, Thirties (2′ x 4.5′), Acrylic, Oil, Iron Oxide & Collage   Continue reading

Why? Some of those WTH moments…

Indulge me a moment and pretend that I am that inquisitive two-year old.  

Actually, scratch that. There are just days that you have to ask that rhetorical why about anything that is irking the mess out of you. You ask because it is just beyond you and unfathomable that situations, actions and happenings continue to occur.

My why rant of the day centers around my dear frenemy, The Subway.

Just a few “Whys” I tapped out on my blackberry while commuting:  Continue reading

And You Are…

I am a loyalist when it comes to the people that I encounter in my life, that enter the circle of trust and that have my respect.  Having earned my respect and garnered my loyalty is akin to having a black sharpie on hand – it’s distinct, smooth and permanent.  I take it very hard when people either test me in such a fashion that they cannot be on my team, that I have fallen from their circle, that they were not who I thought they were or that I never really mattered to them in the way that I thought.  Continue reading