The Marriage of Words & Tech Could Be The Death of Our Language

Technology – I use it, I love it and cannot live without it.  You too right?  Words – love them, use them daily and cannot live without them.  These are two things that are essential and they go together.  However, how they pair and what we do with them is what can lead to the death of our language. 

Yesterday, I was typing an informal e-mail at work and had to stop myself from using text shorthand. Just now, I almost wrote txt instead of text, because that’s what I do when sending my SMS messages.  While texting, I could surely type out full words, like text or next, which become “txt” and ‘nxt.”  Was the subtraction of the “e” really going to save me that much time? Besides shorthanding our words within texts, instant messages and e-mails; we are simply negating the use of words for symbols.  Will words lose their power when we cannot express ourselves through their use and we just emote through emoticons?  Continue reading

It’s Been A Long Time…

Life has been good to me.  So good that I have not had time to write. Wha-what you say?  Yes, can you believe that I have been so busy living that I have not had time to write?  Okay, so I have not made time to write and the few times I did – it whomped. Definitely.  I think I put myself on pause because I did not want to throw up anything to just have a posting.  I am aiming for some good content.

I am making my way back and realizing that I have different things to say, but I definitely will have more stories to tell – that’s for certain. ♥

Bathroom Etiquette!

Okay. Suddenly, I’m working with another etiquette topic and may just have to write a small chapbook on etiquette because I see a theme evolving.  I either see it, am willing it, or it’s just there.  Whichever.  “Ya wanna hear it? Well, here it go…”

I am sure that we have all seen some horrors in the bathroom, whether it is of our own creation, or where we are the unwitting eyewitness.  Today, I just saw someone who gave up.  I strolled into my favorite stall (don’t you have one?) and there was the paper seat cover half-tucked under the seat and some clean rolled up toilet paper on top of the seat.  It was as if the person was getting themselves ready for a big ole bubble guts twister and then abandoned ship.  It was just so odd.  I have seen many a thing at work and it has been ooglie.  I was kind of surprised by this scene though.  Thankfully, there were no fluids, skid marks, or other accessories of any kind in the stall.  I wondered what in the world could have happened where a person would have left the stall like this?  Continue reading

SunglASSES and Shade

You are always going to get honesty from me, so I must say that I can be an a$$hole (the $s are for my brothers, even though they know what the substitution means – I tried Dad).  Anywho, I’m not an a$$hole, but have a$$hole tendencies.  I can certainly be an ass, but there’s a difference (to possibly be discussed at a later date).

I’m Bajan, Irish, English, Guyanese, some other stuff with about 1/16 a$$hole mixed in.  At the bottom of the barrel of my a$$holery, is my propensity to keep my sunglasses on a little bit longer than 35% of the population.  I keep them on while riding the train, occasionally when shopping, at outdoor cafes or restaurants (so long as half the party I am with is doing so – a table worth of sungla$$holes is a little much.  Two girls can get away with it though).  Continue reading

Choose Your Own Adventure Poll – What Do You Want?

 Greetings and salutations.  If you have perused the “She’s Just Not That Into You…an office story” then I want to know: would you like to hear more follow-up, other office stories or something from the mystery pile?  It’s your choice.  Suggested topics or subjects are welcome and I will see if I have something that fits your submission.  I have a lot of stories to tell and as always, I want you to be engaged and entertained.  Thanks for tuning in.♥

Sharing is Caring…

“Sharing is Caring” is a phrase that I quite enjoy and that I implement in my life. It is also a principle that I have benefited from on many occasions. If people had not warmly encouraged me to start a blog, these words would just be bobbing in my head and not laid before you (thanks Jen & SN).

I am of the sharing ilk and at times overshare in other people’s opinion. I am an open book of sorts and the boundaries that contain others on a wide variety of topics don’t hold me back as much. Providing people with info, anecdotes, advice and random thoughts can go farther than one could ever imagine.

For me, this way of operating has led to being in some interesting situations, awkward instances and lovely moments. On a smaller scale, for instance, I compliment people openly, as the thought forms in my head. I just think that if people put effort into their wardrobe, hair, pursuits, careers, family, friends, etc then why not: commend them, verbalize your appreciation or highlight the admirability of their actions (big or small).  At times, this crosses over people’s boundaries.  This modus operandi can take people by surprise, make them uncomfortable or infer a deeper connection than really exists.  For the most part though, I just say what I genuinely feel. I can deal with women and men thinking that I am hitting on them, even though that can make me blush from time to time. I feel bad when I make someone awkwardly uncomfortable, where the conversation cannot be saved, they’re just too flustered and all recovery of normalcy is lost. Lastly, there are a few instances where I’ve encountered someone and was vested in the moment or conversation and when our paths cross  again – they assume that we have some sort of relationship. I guess that’s a hazard that you have to be aware of when you share.

Continue reading

She’s Just Not That Into You….an office story

Some questions do not need to be answered and sometimes I should just be left to wonder.

There was s a guy at in my office who resembled someone I went to high school with. I saw him in the hallways here and there, but we didn’t really say hello or catch each other’s eye.  A lot of people say hello, nod or acknowledge one another in some fashion where I work.  I don’t know this cat’s name, so we’ll go with Guy.  Guy is mildly cute, maybe a 6, and he seemed to have a fairly friendly demeanor with a hint of cocky.  He typically ran around with a mixed crew of guys and gals around the halls or in our work cafe, which were the only times our paths crossed.

One day, my co-worker buddies and I were walking back from having a nice bench lunch and chat, when we saw Guy.  My two companions knew about my ponderings and I pointed him out.  I then broke away from them and approached him.

Me: Excuse me.  Hi, we work for the same company and I was wondering if you were from New Jersey or went to high school in New Jersey?

Guy: Uh, hi. No. Never went to school in New Jersey, I’m from Long Island (pulls hand up to his mouth to take a drag off his cigarette).

Me: Ohh. I’m from New York, but went to high school in New Jersey and thought that you looked like a guy who went to my school. Sorry to bother. See ya.  Continue reading